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What our staff said…

PHARMACOPOLA is a company that gives employees a sense of security and background, which is a great rarity in today's hectic times. To me, our values are the alpha and omega, there is always room to move on and learn something new. Personally, I am extremely grateful to be part of the PHARMACOPOLA family.

Michala Huťková Cabanová

DNA Ambasador

PHARMACOPOLA is a modern, goal-oriented company that keeps up with the times. I like that there is a family atmosphere here and the care for the clients, but also for us as employees, is at a great level.

Adela Grolmusová

Marketing Manager

I enjoy working here because at PHARMACOPOLE we are a team of friendly and well-adjusted people. Nothing is more important than going to work with pleasure, especially when we work in a modern and nice environment where we are surrounded by techniques that go with the times. This always pushes us forward...

Monika Horvátová

backoffice/assistant to the general manager

PHARMACOPOLA is a certainty, and it is very important for each one of us. My position is mainly based on communication with clients and with every call comes a new request, a new situation or a new challenge. Therefore, my work is not stereotypical, but on the contrary interesting and varied. However, I can confidently say that I enjoy and find it fulfilling.

Alena Fillová

Customer Service Officer

Our values

Values define what really matters to our company. They speak to what we really believe in.

We value open interpersonal relationships that are based on trust. Relationships that need to be built and nurtured to be strong and lasting.

We support each other, look for solutions together and create an atmosphere of closeness in our corporate and market environment.

Family is our value also because animals many times become a rightful member of it and we understand their importance in this way as well.