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Since the origin of our company we have been working to fully meet our customer´s needs. We offer our customers complex services facilitating their work, meeting their requests and needs. Our cooperation is based on personal and open communication with our sales representatives who explore your individual needs.
















on 23. 9. we founded PHARMACOPOLA company
we opened 6 branch offices in: Trnava, Stupava, Veľký Krtíš, Michalovce, Levice a Brezno
another branch offices were added: Prešov, Zvolen,
Dunajská Streda, Lučenec a Galanta
we moved into new office premises
we signed Exclusivity Agreement with Royal Canin
branch offices were replaced by
sales representatives
our warehouse premises were enlarged,
total area being 2,500 square meters
we signed Exclusivity Agreement with Farmina pet foods
with 25th anniversary we changed company visibility and we started providing human medicines
we have launched automatic warehouse management
we have expanded our portfolio with new exclusive brands in the feed sector, including ALLEVA
we have listed the possibilities of refinancing the instruments with leasing
we started POS terminal service
our 30th anniversary of PHARMACOPOLA is marked by new company values and the addition of new brands KONG and INABA to our portfolio

Our Values

Accompanying our company since its origin in 1992.





Our Story

Our Company Story

30 years ago we started to write our story about new Slovak company, which in its origin aimed to supply veterinary drugs, preparations, medicated feeds to veterinarians and farms. It was not easy, but on 23rd September 1992 in Žiar nad Hronom a new company named – PHARMACOPOLA – was founded. The company still has this name. Quarter of century of company work equals to years-long experience, stability, continuous improvement and extending service portfolio, investments into quality and at the same time the work of people who stood at its origin and of those who gradually joined the company.

Logistics and Sales Representation

Market growth, logistic technical equipment, warehouse and IT technologies changed the selling and shipping system. Less effective branch offices were gradually replaced by sales representatives. In 2013 the last branch office in Prešov closed. Currently the whole business activity is secured by the central warehouse in Žiar nad Hronom and two transfer centres in Senica and Prešov. Today we have ten sales representatives available, seven professionals in vet division, three experts in pet food and pet supplies division and one consultant in medical devices division.


Since its origin, our company aimed at wholesale distribution of veterinary drugs and preparations. Thanks to signed Exclusivity Agreement with Royal Canin in November 2001 our portfolio extended into wholesale distribution of pet food. With Slovakia joining EEC (European Economic Community) our company entered new era of trade policy. We made use of this area and started to widen our portfolio. In 2013 a new division of medical devices division was created. Currently, PHARMACOPOLA is an exclusive partner of several world producers of veterinary products, pet food, pet supplies and medical devices. When choosing products for our portfolio we intensively track most up to date trends in veterinary medicine, pet foods, pet supplies and medical devices.

Net and Products

Joined efforts of the company founders, knowledge of Slovak market and also customer´s needs brought the results soon: contacts to supplier companies and wide net of customers. At the same time also company technical equipment improved and number of employees grew. Entrance of world pharmaceutical companies caused a real revolution in veterinary drugs and preparations. Buyer database literally exploded. To secure better service for our customers we opened six branch offices in: Trnava, Stupava, Veľký Krtíš, Michalovce, Levice and Brezno in 1996.In spring 1997 branch office in Prešov was added. For need of better and quicker service other branch offices were opened in Zvolen, Dunajská Streda, Lučenec and Galanta.


At the beginning PHARMACOPOLA was located in separated premises in State Veterinary Administration building in Žiar nad Hronom. Thanks to company growth and need for new premises we have changed our seat several times. Since 2000 we have been using offices directly at Svätokrížske námestie in Žiar nad Hronom and logistics are carried out from our other centre in Priemyselná ulica.