Our story

Our story

Since the company’s inception, we have worked to ensure that we are able to meet our customer’s needs to the fullest. We provide the customer with a comprehensive service that facilitates their work and meets their ideas and needs. Cooperation with the customer is based on personal and open communication with our sales representatives, who find out your individual needs.



We have expanded our portfolio with veterinary diets, nutraceuticals and cosmetics for cats and dogs from the Vet Expert brand. In the range of devices we added ultrasound machines from VINNO.


Our round 30th anniversary is marked by new company values and the addition of KONG and INABA brands to our portfolio.


We launched our POS terminal service.


We launched options to refinance instruments through leasing.


We expanded our portfolio with new exclusive brands in the feed sector, including ALLEVA.


We launched automated warehouse management.


On the occasion of the company's 25th anniversary, we change the company's visibility and started sourcing human pharmaceuticals.


We signed an exclusive representation agreement for the Farmina brand.


We expanded our warehouse space to a total area of 2,500 m².


Branches were replaced by our sales representatives.


We signed an exclusive representation agreement with Royal Canin.


We moved to new administrative premises on Svätokrížské námestí in Žiar nad Hronom.


Prešov, Zvolen, Dunajská Streda, Lučenec and Galanta.


We opened 6 branches in Trnava, Stupava, Veľký Krtíš, Michalovce, Levice and Brezno.


On 23 September we founded PHARMACOPOLA.

The story of our company

More than 30 years ago we started writing our story about a new Slovak company, which at the beginning of its existence was focused on supplying veterinarians and farms with veterinary drugs, preparations, medicated feed preparations. It was not easy, but already on 23 September 1992 a new company was founded in Žiar nad Hronom with the name it still has today – PHARMACOPOLA. More than 30 years of the company’s operation equals years of experience, stability, continuous improvement and expansion of services, investment in quality and work of people who were at the beginning of the company, as well as those who gradually joined the company.

Logistics and sales representation

Market development, technical equipment in transport, warehousing and IT technologies have changed the system of trading and delivery of goods. Less efficient branches were gradually replaced by sales representatives. In 2013, the last branch, Prešov, was closed. At present, the entire business activity is carried out through the central warehouse in Žiar nad Hronom and transshipment points in Senec and Prešov. Today we have ten sales representatives, seven specialists in the veterinary division, three specialists in the feed and breeding supplies division. We are also represented in the instruments division, namely one technical consultant and one product manager. In the feed area, our dedicated product manager is available at any time.


Since the beginning, our company has been focused on the wholesale distribution of veterinary drugs and preparations. With the signing of an exclusive representation agreement for Royal Canin in November 2001, our portfolio has expanded to include the sale and distribution of feed. With Slovakia’s accession to the EEC (European Economic Community), our company entered a new era of trade policy. We took full advantage of this space and started to expand our portfolio. In the course of 2013, a new instrument division was created. Today, PHARMACOPOLA is the exclusive partner of several global manufacturers of veterinary products, feeds, breeding supplies and instruments. When selecting products, we are intensively involved in the latest trends in the field of veterinary medicine, small animal feeding, range of breeding supplies and instrumentation.

Network and products

The joint efforts of the company founders, their knowledge of the Slovak market and customer needs soon brought results: contacts with supplier companies and a wide network of customers. At the same time, PHARMACOPOLA’s technical equipment and the number of employees were improved. The entry of foreign pharmaceutical companies caused a real revolution in the range of veterinary medicines and preparations. The customer database literally expanded. In order to better serve our customers, in 1996 we created six branches: in Trnava, Stupava, Veľký Krtíš, Michalovce, Levice and Brezno. In the spring of 1997, the Prešov branch was added. In order to provide better and faster services, additional branches were established in Zvolen, Dunajská Streda, Lučenec and Galanta.


PHARMACOPOLA was initially located in a separate building of the State Veterinary Administration in Ziar nad Hronom. Due to the development of the company and the need for new premises, we have changed our headquarters several times. Since 2000 until now we have been using the premises for administration directly on Svätokrížské Square in Žiar nad Hronom and we provide our logistics services from another centre on Priemyselná Street.

Our values

Values define what really matters to our company. They speak to what we really believe in.

We value open interpersonal relationships that are based on trust. Relationships that need to be built and nurtured to be strong and lasting.

We support each other, look for solutions together and create an atmosphere of closeness in our corporate and market environment.

Family is our value also because animals many times become a rightful member of it and we understand their importance in this way as well.