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How Does PHARMACOPOLA, s.r.o. Use Cookies

Cookie is a short text file sent to the browser by visited web pages. It enables web pages to remember information about your visit, for example: preferred products, product filters and other settings used when shopping. Your next visit to web page is then easier and more productive. Cookie files are important. Browsing web would be much more difficult without cookies.

We use cookie file for various purposes. We use them to store your shipping preferences, history of viewed products, to track number of visitors on our web page, for automatic login to your account at your next visit and for protecting of your data.

Processing Your Personal Data in Accordance with EU Regulations

With regard to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we hereby ask your consent with processing your personal data on internet pages located at the main domain and subdomains The aim of GDPR is higher level protection of your personal data and review of their processing and your rights.

Your personal data are processed solely in accordance with the valid legislation. Personal data are processed solely with our customer consent or within GDPR limits. It is free choice of each customer if they agree within suggested range or not. Consent is voluntary and can be withdrawn anytime. We are bound by the limits of the given consent and we fully respect it.

The operator stating purpose and means of your personal data processing is PHARMACOPOLA s.r.o., residing at Svätokrížske námestie 11, 965 01 Žiar nad Hronom, Company Id. No.: 31570895, Tax Id. No.: 2020479230, VAT No.: SK2020479230, registered at Business Registry Okresný súd Banská Bystrica, Section Sro, File no. 685/S

You can contact us by phone: Tel.: +421 45 / 678 14 00, by post: Svätokrížske námestie 11, 965 01 Žiar nad Hronom or by e-mail:

Processing Purpose

Your personal data will be processed for the purpose of billing, accounting, marketing, sending advertising information (newsletter), pharmacovigilance, loyalty and reward systems, educational events and conferences, planning and realising purchase and sales and for the purpose specified in the introduction, related to cookie files.

Processing Range

We process the following customer data that you provide knowingly:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Academic title
  • Business name
  • Profession
  • Sex
  • Country
  • Nationality
  • Company Id. No.
  • Tax Id. No.
  • VAT No.
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone
  • Permanent address
  • Temporary address
  • Company seat or place of business
  • Address of profession performance
  • Address for correspondence

Data you provide unaware:

  • IP address
Processing Time

Your personal data will be securely filed, collected, processed and archived due to accounting for 10 years since your last realised order.

Cookie Files

For adapting web page content located at the main domain and subdomains to your preferences we use Cookies. Cookies are small data files stored automatically in your browser by web page system when visiting web page. If you do not agree with using Cookies, set your own Cookies rules on your browser at your device. In case you refuse using cookies, our web page functionality might be limited.

Web Metrics and Analytics

These are conversion or pixel tags or small graphic pictures which might be included in internet page code and based on which user identification is possible for the purpose of recording their behaviour and measuring visits.

We use following systems:

  • Google Analytics
Right to Data Access

The user has right to be informed on purpose and range of their personal data processing.

Right to Data Portability

The operator is obliged to provide the user all their processed information in structural, commonly used machine -readable format. By applying this right the user gains their control over their personal data and at the same time they can provide their data in the form thus obtained to other operator.

Right for Data Correction

The user has right to ask the data processor to correct data if they suspect them incorrect. You can edit your data in user interface of our webpage.

Right to Limit Data Processing

The user has right to limit personal data processing by the operator or to deny access to chosen personal data or temporary removal of the published data.

Right for Data Deleting

The user has right to have their personal data deleted without unnecessary delay should the data are no longer needed for the purpose for which they have been collected and processed and legal reason for their archiving has ceased. With request to data delete all the data will be irrevocably deleted and related orders (if they exist) anonymized.

Right to Be Forgotten

The user has right to carry out necessary steps, including technical measures, to delete all links to their personal data and their copies should legal reason for archiving has ceased.

Right to Object

The user has right to object to processing personal data or if they do not have possibility to make use of their right for data deleting.

Right to Complain

The user has right to complain at Supervisory body if they believe that their personal data are being processed contrary to GDPR.

Recording User´s Requirements

The operator is obliged to record all the requirements of the users related to withdrawing, correcting and deleting their data.

Personal Data Protection

We have technical and safety mechanisms securing protection of processed data against unauthorised access or transition, against loss or damage or any other possible misuse.

Should you refuse to give your consent for personal data processing we will be able to help you due to General Data Protection Regulation only in limited range.

In Žiar nad Hronom dated on 25th May 2018